Are You Backing up your Microsoft 365 Data?

Are You Backing up your Microsoft 365 Data?

Microsoft 365 is a fantastic suite of tools. For the cost of one license, each employee gets access to collaboration solutions, communications tools, and the familiar Office productivity suite. While Microsoft 365 packs quite the business punch, there is one major component that is lacking…data backups.

Does Microsoft Back Up Data Stored on Microsoft 365 products?

While it comes as a surprise to some, Microsoft does not provide data backups for any of your data stored in SharePoint Online, Exchange, OneDrive, or Teams. Microsoft’s responsibility when it comes to users of their products is not the integrity and life of the data, but rather the uptime and availability of the actual service. Microsoft even states that third party backup solutions are recommended in their End User License Agreement (EULA).

Customers often hear terms such as "high availability" or "redundancy" and thinks that their data is being backed up, but in reality, those terms only apply to the actual Microsoft 365 service and there is not a native method for backups and restorations built into the service. 

Why Do I need to Backup Microsoft 365?

If you are using SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Exchange, or Teams, then you likely have sensitive or important information saved in Microsoft’s Cloud. While Microsoft does do a great job of protecting their data centres, there are several reasons why Microsoft 365 backups are a good idea, including:

  • Accidental Deletions – If an employee accidently deletes a file or folder in SharePoint, would you be able to recover the data? Accidental deletions are one of the most common forms of data loss in a business and can seriously hinder protectivity.
  • Malicious Insiders – A rouge or angry employee can cause a lot of damage in a short time. Imagine an upset employee deleting several folders of data and then immediately leaving. How would that impact your business?
  • Ransomware – Ransomware continues to be a major threat, and proper and safe backups are the only quick and efficient way to recover data that has been locked by cyber criminals.

Will Microsoft Help Me Recover Lost Data?

Again, Microsoft’s guarantee to their customers is that their services will remain highly available and secure, but it does not guarantee the protection or integrity of the actual data you store on their systems. While Microsoft can help when issues arise, having a third-party backup solution for Microsoft 365 data will allow you to get your data back quickly and under your own terms.

Are There any Other Benefits for Having a Third-Party Microsoft 365 Backup Solution?

One of the other great benefits of a third-party Microsoft 365 backup solution is it allows you to maintain access to data that belonged to departed employees without burning a Microsoft 365 license. Imagine an employee leaves the organization and you re-assign their Microsoft 365 license to a new incoming employee. If you ever need to access the outgoing employee’s mailbox in the future, you can easily do so using your Microsoft 365 backup solution without spending additional money on a Microsoft license. This is a quick and efficient way to maintain data without paying additional fees.


Microsoft 365 solutions are a major part of your business, and it is important to ensure that you will always be able to access both the tools and your data. Having a Managed IT Service provider managing your Microsoft 365 backups is also an affordable, safe, and easy way to ensure that your data always remains available. 

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