Cyber Security

If your network is compromised and ITForce cannot disinfect and restore your data within 24 hours, we will pay the ransomware on your behalf.


Protect systems and data from the never-ending onslaught of malicious attackers and user accidents.

Stay Secure

Your data is everything. Advanced and strategic cyber security is crucial to the survival and success of your business. Without cyber security, you risk cyber attacks, loss of data, viruses, and hackers finding important passwords, emails and maybe even your bank details.

We will keep your business safe with:

  • Advanced firewall hacker protection
  • Leading-edge virus protection
  • Enhanced spam protection
  • Office and mobile device protection

With 20 years of success and a team with over 100 collaborative years of experience, enables ITForce to protect your business from ransomware, phishing and spear phishing. No matter how big or small your business may be, we have a solution to meet and exceed your every need.

Protect Your Employees

Did you know that in 2015, 51% of cyber attacks resulted in the loss or exposure of sensitive information? This is compared to 46% in 2014, a five per cent jump in only a year. With the right cyber security, you can protect your business from the threats that lurk online. It takes more than avoiding phishing emails or changing your password every couple of months to keep your business protected. Give your business the freedom to work collaboratively with employee security awareness training.

We utilize innovative tools and systems to educate your employees on the dangers of the Internet and how to spot them effectively. We also send out simulated phishing attacks to monitor, collect data and report which users are the most likely to cause a data breach, so that we can proactively arm them with the right security approach, protecting both your employees and business.

Need assistance?

From cloud integration to backup and recovery, we do it all. Contact our support team today to see if we can resolve your problem on-site or remotely.



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